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Friday, August 22, 2014

And, in the end...

Hello folks.
Well, we have reached the goal.  My novel, "The Boy Named Topaz" is launched and live on Amazon!
Thank you all for the questions and comments over the years.  I really appreciate the feedback that was posted.
As a promotional deal, if you download the book between August 24-28, 2014, then it will be free! 

Enjoy, folks.  Work on the next book is underway.  Expect new postings soon.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New networking

Hey folks.
Update for ya.
I now have a fully formatted version of my manuscript, which is now called "A Boy Named Topaz".   I got the template from the Createspace website connected with Amazon Direct-to-Kindle service. Was quite an effort, given that when I went from one medium to the other, all the quotation marks became capital A's and &'s. Still proof reading and processing it, but not far off.
I will like upload it to Amazon, and see where that takes me.
I have posted the prologue on a page here. Feel free to peruse it, at your leisure.


Jeff Gartshore