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Friday, December 30, 2011

And the next step begins

Hello all.
I have now completed my manuscript.  It is essentially done.  (I reserve the right to polish it here and there, but the bulk of it is as it will be)
I have sent out 5 query letters to various literary agents.  I have about 100 more on my list.  This is the longish part.  *(Literary Agent is a person who knows a whole lot more about the publishing industry than I do, who agrees to try and sell your manuscript to different publishers for you.  They know the latest trends, what different publishers are looking for, and have contacts within the publishing community.  They are usually payed by taking 15% of whatever money comes to you.  i.e. if they think your work is a masterpiece...the next "Lord of the Rings", they will move Heaven and Earth to get the right publisher printing it, since 15% of your profits from royalties and advances goes to them.)

This is a time consuming process, but I figure that I'll just keep plugging away until someone nibbles.  Some of them want just a query letter (which introduces you and your work to them in an interesting way).  Some want up to the first 3 chapters.  Many will accept email submission of query letters.  .... the list of things I'm learning goes on and on.

Heh.  At least it's possible to take this step now..